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Hello! my name is Nero, I'm a Musician, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Sound Engineer and the list goes on!

There are many reasons why you landed here, you found my YouTube Channel or you may need a Website Built, either way I'm glad to have you as a visitor.

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Another video I'm proud of, I love this song and it's always a thrill trying to play it!

I can't wait for this record to come out, I know I'll buy as soon as it's on iTunes. I really like seeing Slash and Myles jamming at the end, so cool!

Hey Guys, so finally I got my hands on an Eleven Rack, I haven't spent much time on it but I wanted to try and get close to Slash' tone.

For now I just recorded a track that I could Re-Amp and tweak and that's where I am, I st...

Out of all the videos I've uploaded to YouTube, I think this is my favorite, I can't believe I was able to pull it off and I still go on to read the comments and It's an amazing feeling when I see compliments, Thank you!

The Slash Real to Reel 7 is out, you can hear Myles Kennedy recoding, such a great singer.

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