Hi! you landed here because you want to learn how to play more like Slash or how to play songs from any of the bands he has been a part of.

I can help!

I've studied his playing, technique and sound since I started playing guitar and for the past 4 years or so I've been posting videos on my YouTube channel showing how to play those songs.

Now I'm offering online private lessons to help you learn some of his techniques so you can incorporate them into your own playing, or even just show you how to play the guitar solo or riff of your favorite song.

These lessons are not free but they won't cost anymore than you'd pay at a local store to get lessons, the upside is that you are learning from somebody that loves the same music and guitarists.

Lessons will be paid thru PayPal and will be done thru Skype, they will be 30 minutes long and 60 minutes on special requests, I speak english and spanish (altho english is preffered) so make sure you brush up on your english before any lessons.

For pricing please fill out the form.