The Beauty and The Beast

Feb 15 2014 by Nero

So Finally I finished Modifying my Mockingbird and it looks and sounds AMAZING! I ended up buying a set of Seymour Duncan Slash pickups in reverse zebra for my Les Paul and I put the Alnico 2 Pros from the Les Paul on the Mockingbird.

So the mods on the Mockingbird are:

  • New Pickups (Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro, you should get the TREMBUCKER version for this guitar i used the standard)
  • All new CTS Mini Pots (since the cavity was somewhat tight)
  • Removed the varitone and toggle switch from their original position
  • Added a Short Switchcraft toggle switch near above the neck pickup where a Les Paul would have it, I will be adding a "les paul type" back plate for the toggle switch later on
  • New Cream Pickup Rings to change the look a bit and the bridge pickup is much taller (like a les paul) so i can rest my pinky under it like I would on a les paul
  • Trem Block Stop to stop the flyod rose from sinking and pitching up when i try to palm mute, I'm getting a second one to put them side by side, you'll see on my pictures below
  • Knob pointers and Gold Speed Knobs that go to 11!
  • Dunlop Straplok buttons

The action on the mockingbird was pretty high so I had to set it up correctly but all and all it's know my number 2 (sorry to my white Epiphone Les Paul Custom!)

I hope to put some videos up and demo the Slash signature pickups and the mockingbird with them as well, until next time!

Marshall SL-5 Slash Signature 5 Watt Combo

Feb 13 2014 by Nero

So, it was June 2013 when I decided to go to Guitar Center and try the new Slash combo and see how good it was, I loved it and I had to take it home, It was the only one they had (go figure it's always that way at the GC stores) but either way I wanted it and bought. See it as I was taking it home: (I was actually going to trade that flanger but they offeref me like $30!)

After playing it for a while I've noticed that it has a ton of gain, the reverb is great for the Sweet Child O'Mine intro and for the most part using a les paul with Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro pickups you will get plenty of distortion with the gain knob half way up. The clean sound is not that exciting, that's it's only downside.

Next I want to try it with a 4x12 cabinet and see how it sounds that way, I actually never owned a 4x12 so maybe it's time to get one.

Personally I love this amp, it sounds amazing even at only 5 watts I used it live for a fill in show with a cover band and it sounded great. The track below is me playing the solo of GN'R's The Garden thru the SL-5, my upcoming project (full lesson and performance of every GNR record) will be using this amp and hopefully a JCM800.

Stay tuned!

My New B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST!

Feb 12 2014 by Nero

Hey guys!

So I managed to get my hands on a B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST and I'm lovin it! Here's a stock picture of it for those of you that aren't familiar with them:

B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST

Being used to Les Pauls, the neck was the first thing that I noticed was different. The neck is wide (or tall) compared to my les pauls and it's thinner.

Now, there are a few things I don't like about it

  1. The bridge volume is right below the bridge pickup, this is common for strats and guitars like that but as a les paul guy I just can't stand it being there, it feels like it's always in the way and I'm constantly hitting it as I strum.
  2. I HATE floating bridges! I hate it when a bridge just pulls up as you tune the guitar up or change the gauge of the strings, I had to order a Trem Stop Block so i can at least block it from sinking and that way I can tighten the springs so that it won't get pulled up when I change the strings to .011s
  3. The position of the toggle basically make it useless to me

So something that this guitar did for me was wake up the tinkerer in my head, So I decided to start modding.

As I mentioned the first thing i did was ordered the Trem Block so I can block the bridge from sinking.

Now I'm waiting for the electronics to arrive, Im changing ALL the electronics except for the mini switches, I ordered a Switchcraft toggle and jack, CTS mini pots and i'm putting alnico 2 pros on it. Also I'm changing the pickup rings to cream rings and the knobs to gold speed knobs.

It will have 2 volumes, 1 per pickup, and a master tone, the mini toggles will remain as they are, 1 per pickup to coil tap it and the other one to reverse the phase (altho it will be stock in reverse phase so when you flip the switch it will bring the neck pickup to be in phase)

The biggest change I will be making is moving the toggle switch above the neck pickup to give it a bit of a les paul feel but other than that it should be pretty straight forward and I will keep you all posted! For the time being please be sure to vote on the poll below and tell me what you think about the new look! (it was a 2 minute photoshop job to try making it look the way it will look later)

Before and After mockup of the mockingbird

What do you think of the new look of my Mockingbird?

8 votes (57.14%)I love it!

6 votes (42.86%)Leave it as is

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