My New Pedalboard

Dec 08 2015 by Nero

Ok, so It's been a while! I've been tweaking my sound for a while and im at a very exciting place with it right now.

Below you can see my new set up and an explanation of how i set it up

At the heart of my board is the Boss ES-8 which does all the switching for me, also hidden under the phaser/5150 is a Voodoo Labs Hex switcher which currently switches between the 5150 and the SL Drive.

So here's my Chain:

My guitar plugs into that chrome pedal on the top right, that pedal is a custom box i built to have a few functions, the box has 2 circuits in it, 2 zVex Super Hard On clones, both independent, the box has 4 1/4" jacks, that is 2 inputs and 2 outputs, on the right side there's 1 jack which is the input of one of the 2 SHOs the knob on the right controls the gain of the input which i keep at around 9oclock.

on the right side there are also 3 DC jacks, it just needs one of them to be a power supply the other 2 are DC thru to feed other pedals since this box uses under 5ma.

On the left side there are 3 1/4" jacks, the output from the first SHO and the input/output of the second SHO which i use as a boost for solos, the second SHO has a low cut turning it into a slight treble booster which is great. that side of the boost is going thru the Boss ES-8.

From that DUAL SHO box it goes into the Dunlop Slash Crybaby, probably the best wah I've ever owned except for the fact that the pot is scratchy so i gotta replace it.

From there it goes into the Boss ES-8.

The loops on the Boss ES-8 are as follow

1- Orange Squeezer Clone (on the bottom left labeled COMP)

2- Voodoo Labs HEX with Xotic SL Drive and MXR 5150

3- the 2nd SHO for a boost either pre or post distortion

4- MXR Slash Octave/Fuzz only used as an octave

5- TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus

6- MXR EVH Phase 90

7- Line 6 M5 (mainly used as a Delay)

8- TC Electronic HOF Reverb

There's a patchbay under the slash octave fuzz pedal so the output plugs in, also there Volume loop of the ES-8 is pluged in there so i can use it for the 4 wire method, if i don't plug anything into the volume loop on the patchbay it just stays wired as if nothing was pluged in there and the volume loop is just a jumper cable

The box with the 2 footswitches to the left of the ES-8 is switching banks

That's pretty much how the whole thing is wired, nothing too crazy, the best comes from the ES-8 because you can rearrange pedals and go crazy.

The whole thing is set up so that buttons 1, 2 and 3 are presets on bank 00, preset 1 is clean, just the compressor and the reverb, preset 2 is just distortion, just the 5150 nothing else, preset 3 is lead, boost > 5150 > delay > reverb, then buttons 4 thru 8 are instant access

4 is octave, 5 chorus, 6 phaser, 7 delay, 8 reverb, if i want delay during my clean i just press button 7.

The bank buttons link to other presets so for example, if im in preset 1 and i hit bank down then i go into preset 4 which has the Line 6 M5 in rotary speaker, bank up would take me to preset 8 which is my sweet lead, the intro for switch child o mine, using the M5 as a reverb to match that reverb on sweet child.

If im in RHYTHM and i press bank down im sent to preset 5 where the M5 is a flanger, if i press bank up it will send me to preset 6 which is the SL Drive on only along with the reverb

If im in LEAD bank down will send me to a rotary speaker lead sound, bank up sends me to the sweet child lead as well

If im in CLEAN and i press the preset 1 button again the SL Drive is turned on, if im in RHYTHM and i press button 2 again it will take me to preset 6 which is the SL Drive, if im in LEAD pressing button 3 again will send me to SWEET LEAD

I'm thinking about adding one more pedal, i really want a mid boost but the issue is the space, i've already used most of the room on the board os we will see.

Ok hopefully i can post some demos at some point, I hope this is helpfull in any way

I got me a Dunlop Slash SC95 Crybaby

Oct 21 2014 by Nero

Hey guys, long time no talk!

I just wanted to share with you that I finally bought the Slash Crybaby, I have the other model the SW95 and that has been my go to wah since it came out.

I gotta say I was never happy with any of the wah pedals I had until I got the SW95 but there was a catch, it takes 18v which is not a HUGE deal if you have a power supply that has an 18v output but if you don't then you are stuck, I never used the fuzz (it's crap) but the wash itself is just perfect not too bright and not too subtle. Then the SC95 came out a few years back and by then I had bought a power supply with 18v out so I didn't need the SC95 anymore and I don't like buying gear that I won't use so I figured I'm happy with the SW95 so no need to bother,

Now I'm looking to upgrade my power supply (MXR DC Brick not the silver box one) to the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus and I didn't wanna have to use a special cable to provide the wah 18v and all of a sudden I go the email that Dunlop was going to sell the SC95 again (I guess because Slash put out World On Fire) so I figured this time I'll get it.

Sure enough I called (my contact is Mac at ext 1358) and he set it up and I got the wah within a few days! I think I'll keep the SW95 as a backup or to use it at home.

As far as the difference, aside from the fact that it only requires 9v and there's no fuzz built in, they sound similar with the SC95 being a bit brighter than the SW95, they both sound amazing you can't go wrong with either but if you want a 9v wah then you may want to get your hands on the SC95 before they discontinue it again!

Slash Releases World On First Single!

Jun 13 2014 by Nero

This is Awesome! I gotta learn it and post it on YouTube Next!

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