One of my new house guests 2006 Epiphone Emperor Joe Pass

Feb 27 2014 by Nero

Hey guys, so my girlfriend's dad happens to be a guitar player and while we were on the phone the other day I mentioned I've been wanting to get an Gibson ES-339 for a while, at some point I bought up how Izzy Stradlin used to play a Gibson ES-175 live and recorded Appetite with one as well and turns out he had a Joe Pass Emperor hollowbody.

He brought it over along with a Strat (which will get her own post after I play it) I took it apart and cleaned it up nicelyand this things feels so good, it's got such a nice sound unplugged but plugged in while the tone is just right, the pickups are not putting out much output so I'm not sure if there's something wrong with them or that's how they are supposed sound, agains Alnico 2 pros they are kinda on the low side.

All and all it's a sweet guitar and I will be using it to record Izzy parst on my GNR videos coming later this year.

What do you think? have you ever played one?

2006 Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor

Did you check out the Slash Real to Reel video?

Feb 25 2014 by Nero

If you didn't then you must! The riff at the end sounds awesome, I can't wait for it to come out!

You should bookmark this page since I will be updating this post with all the videos from the Real to Reel as they come out.

Wax on, Wax Off, cleaned and set up my double neck

Feb 24 2014 by Nero

Hey guys, so now that I got the double neck back I decided to take care of it, restring it and clean it's guts.

Epiphone G-1275 Double Neck before cleaning it

I had forgotten that I had put CTS pots and all switchcraft toggles on this one, also the 12 string pickups are the pickups of my Gibson Les Paul, 57 Classics.

I had to take all strings, bridges, knobs, pickups and pickguards to fully clean it, I used the Dunlop System 65 I had gotten last week which i had used in the past to fully clean & polish it, the necks were both cleaned first and then oiled so the necks look much better.

All and all it took about 2 hours all together to get the guitar cleaned and set up and now it feels like much better and ready to do some recording. Once a new video is up with it I will let you guys know.

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