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Hello! my name is Nero, I'm a Musician, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Sound Engineer and the list goes on!

There are many reasons why you landed here, you found my YouTube Channel or you may need a Website Built, either way I'm glad to have you as a visitor.

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I've spent the past couple 2/3 years trying to find my guitar sound again, I've gone thru pedalboards packed with pedals that went in and out. I've finally ended that quest when I bought a Fractal AX8, I've fallen in love with this thing and I wanted to contribute to the community so I put together a CPU Usage Chart which you will get to on the below, I'll also be focusing on SLASH presets which I will post for free here.

For the time being here's the chart and I hope this helps, r...

I uploaded a little tool that will show you a calculation of the fees you pay paypal/reverb when you sell an item, check it out!

Here's a wiring harness template for a les paul, it makes it a bit easier to pre-wire your guitar and keep things neat,

There are 2 templates, one is reverse from the other one, when you print it you should make sure that it prints in actual size.

The small holes are for those tabs that stick out to prevent the pots from moving but those sometimes change based on the pots.

Download it and you are free to host it on your website just keep my website on the PDF.


Ok, so It's been a while! I've been tweaking my sound for a while and im at a very exciting place with it right now.

Below you can see my new set up and an explanation of how i set it up

At the heart of my board is the Boss ES-8 which does all the switching for me, also hidden under the phaser/5150 is a Voodoo Labs Hex switcher which currently switches between t...

Hey guys, long time no talk!

I just wanted to share with you that I finally bought the Slash Crybaby, I have the other model the SW95 and that has been my go to wah since it came out.

I gotta say I was never happy with any of the wah pedals I had until I got the SW95 but there was a catch, it takes 18v which is not a HUGE deal if you have a power supply that has an 18v output but if you don't then you are stuck, I never used the fuzz (it's crap) but the wash itself is just ...

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