RC-300 Editor

The RC-300 Editor is a simple web app that allows you to open and review the MEMORY.RC3 from the Boss RC-300 Looper and edit many of the functions. Please read the Instructions below before using the app! http://rc300.roxxxtar.com

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGED EQUIPMENT! I'm not affiliated with Roland or Boss and this app is not an official app. "Roland", "Boss", "RC-300" are not my trademarks they belong to the Roland Corporation. I'm merely a user/fan of this device who needed a tool to quickly edit presets.

How does it work?

RC-300 Edit will read the MEMORY.RC3 file from your RC-300 then store that data in a "Buffer" (think of it as a copy of that file), then all the data from that file will be displayed for you to edit, as you make changes to a preset you can save that preset to the buffer by the clicking the "Save Preset to Buffer" button (obviously) once you've finished making your changes you can export the MEMORY.RC3 which you can then use to replace the file on your RC-300 (always backup the MEMORY.RC3 on your RC-300 by copying it to your computer's hard drive first!)

If you are uncomfortable using this app to actually edit your RC-300 then it can still be used as a "Viewer", it makes it easier to see an overview off all your presets rather than going thru them directly on the RC-300