My New Gibson Slash Vermillion Les Paul

Jun 04 2014 by Nero

Hey Guys, I finally got a chance to get my dream guitar! I got my hands on a Gibson Slash AFD Les Paul Vermillion. had them on sale for $2,199.96 and I couldn't resist the oportunity to finally get it.

As you can see above this guitar screams! it's louder than my 2007 Gibson Less Paul Classic Antique which has the Seymour Duncan Slash Signature pickups, it's also heavier (9lbs compared to the Classic Antique which is Chambered and weights about 7.8lbs) which gives it a different feel when you just stand with it.

A few details about the video, It was recorded on an iPhone and the camera was going out of focus hence the blurry clips, I recorded Izzy's parts using an Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor which is one of my favorite guitars, Also I used the Eleven Rack for all the guitars.

You can get the specs on the Gibson website but I will list the specs that stand out to me the most:

#1 Comes with Dunlop Straplok buttons and the piece that attaches to the strap

#2 Has Tonepros locking bridge and tail piece.

#3 The frets are tall (not the action but the actual frets) compared to my other les pauls

#4 The flame stands out a lot more than on most pictures I've seen

#5 The Slash pickups are definately much better sounding (crisp and loud) than the Alnico 2 Pro

#6 The neck feels the same as the my Classic Antique but the taller frets give it a much different feel

#7 The tunes are Kluson locking tuners not the gibson branded ones (which I took out of my Classic Antique because they suck...)

I ended up changing the knobs to speed knobs (which is my preference and I put them on all my guitars) and removed the toggle switch ring and replaced the tip with a nickle tip, since it already has the pickups I want and even the straploks I didn't have to do much to it like I've done to my other guitars.

How many guitars is too many guitars?

Mar 02 2014 by Nero

Hey guys, I always wanted to have a lot of guitars, right now I have enough to get all kinds of tones (even though I'll always favor my Les Paul).

Here's the current list (keep in mind 2 are not mine)

  • Gibson Les Paul Classic Anqtique
  • Epiphone Les Paul Custom
  • B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST
  • Epiphone G-1275 Double Neck
  • Carvin Acoustic
  • Ibanez 90's Bass
  • Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor (borrowed)
  • Fender American Special Strat (borrowed)
  • Slash Appetite Les Paul Copy (project guitar)

The cases take up so much space in the closet and I don't have enough wall space to hang them all (enough safe space) I'm hoping to record some videos with each to show case them soon so keep an eye on my blog.

Which one do you like best? Leave a comment below!

The Beauty and The Beast

Feb 15 2014 by Nero

So Finally I finished Modifying my Mockingbird and it looks and sounds AMAZING! I ended up buying a set of Seymour Duncan Slash pickups in reverse zebra for my Les Paul and I put the Alnico 2 Pros from the Les Paul on the Mockingbird.

So the mods on the Mockingbird are:

  • New Pickups (Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro, you should get the TREMBUCKER version for this guitar i used the standard)
  • All new CTS Mini Pots (since the cavity was somewhat tight)
  • Removed the varitone and toggle switch from their original position
  • Added a Short Switchcraft toggle switch near above the neck pickup where a Les Paul would have it, I will be adding a "les paul type" back plate for the toggle switch later on
  • New Cream Pickup Rings to change the look a bit and the bridge pickup is much taller (like a les paul) so i can rest my pinky under it like I would on a les paul
  • Trem Block Stop to stop the flyod rose from sinking and pitching up when i try to palm mute, I'm getting a second one to put them side by side, you'll see on my pictures below
  • Knob pointers and Gold Speed Knobs that go to 11!
  • Dunlop Straplok buttons

The action on the mockingbird was pretty high so I had to set it up correctly but all and all it's know my number 2 (sorry to my white Epiphone Les Paul Custom!)

I hope to put some videos up and demo the Slash signature pickups and the mockingbird with them as well, until next time!

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