The Second test with the Eleven Rack

Apr 27 2014 by Nero

Hey Guys, once again I saw your comments on Youtube and Facebook and I tweaked the patch a bit, here's another tone test using the eleven rack.

Slash - Ghost feat Ian Astbury (guitar cover FULL song)

Apr 15 2014 by Nero

Another video I'm proud of, I love this song and it's always a thrill trying to play it!

Eleven Rack Slash Tone First Test...

Apr 15 2014 by Nero

Hey Guys, so finally I got my hands on an Eleven Rack, I haven't spent much time on it but I wanted to try and get close to Slash' tone.

For now I just recorded a track that I could Re-Amp and tweak and that's where I am, I still have to mess with it some more but for the most part I'm getting a basic tone.

The track below has very sloppy playing so only focus on the sound, the drums you hear are from the tracks I've been preparing and I only added them for reference.

Be sure to watch it before YouTube takes it down...

Leave a comment and let me know what you think so far!

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