The Beauty and The Beast

Feb 15 2014 by Nero

So Finally I finished Modifying my Mockingbird and it looks and sounds AMAZING! I ended up buying a set of Seymour Duncan Slash pickups in reverse zebra for my Les Paul and I put the Alnico 2 Pros from the Les Paul on the Mockingbird.

So the mods on the Mockingbird are:

  • New Pickups (Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro, you should get the TREMBUCKER version for this guitar i used the standard)
  • All new CTS Mini Pots (since the cavity was somewhat tight)
  • Removed the varitone and toggle switch from their original position
  • Added a Short Switchcraft toggle switch near above the neck pickup where a Les Paul would have it, I will be adding a "les paul type" back plate for the toggle switch later on
  • New Cream Pickup Rings to change the look a bit and the bridge pickup is much taller (like a les paul) so i can rest my pinky under it like I would on a les paul
  • Trem Block Stop to stop the flyod rose from sinking and pitching up when i try to palm mute, I'm getting a second one to put them side by side, you'll see on my pictures below
  • Knob pointers and Gold Speed Knobs that go to 11!
  • Dunlop Straplok buttons

The action on the mockingbird was pretty high so I had to set it up correctly but all and all it's know my number 2 (sorry to my white Epiphone Les Paul Custom!)

I hope to put some videos up and demo the Slash signature pickups and the mockingbird with them as well, until next time!

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