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Dec 08 2015 by Nero

Ok, so It's been a while! I've been tweaking my sound for a while and im at a very exciting place with it right now.

Below you can see my new set up and an explanation of how i set it up

At the heart of my board is the Boss ES-8 which does all the switching for me, also hidden under the phaser/5150 is a Voodoo Labs Hex switcher which currently switches between the 5150 and the SL Drive.

So here's my Chain:

My guitar plugs into that chrome pedal on the top right, that pedal is a custom box i built to have a few functions, the box has 2 circuits in it, 2 zVex Super Hard On clones, both independent, the box has 4 1/4" jacks, that is 2 inputs and 2 outputs, on the right side there's 1 jack which is the input of one of the 2 SHOs the knob on the right controls the gain of the input which i keep at around 9oclock.

on the right side there are also 3 DC jacks, it just needs one of them to be a power supply the other 2 are DC thru to feed other pedals since this box uses under 5ma.

On the left side there are 3 1/4" jacks, the output from the first SHO and the input/output of the second SHO which i use as a boost for solos, the second SHO has a low cut turning it into a slight treble booster which is great. that side of the boost is going thru the Boss ES-8.

From that DUAL SHO box it goes into the Dunlop Slash Crybaby, probably the best wah I've ever owned except for the fact that the pot is scratchy so i gotta replace it.

From there it goes into the Boss ES-8.

The loops on the Boss ES-8 are as follow

1- Orange Squeezer Clone (on the bottom left labeled COMP)

2- Voodoo Labs HEX with Xotic SL Drive and MXR 5150

3- the 2nd SHO for a boost either pre or post distortion

4- MXR Slash Octave/Fuzz only used as an octave

5- TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus

6- MXR EVH Phase 90

7- Line 6 M5 (mainly used as a Delay)

8- TC Electronic HOF Reverb

There's a patchbay under the slash octave fuzz pedal so the output plugs in, also there Volume loop of the ES-8 is pluged in there so i can use it for the 4 wire method, if i don't plug anything into the volume loop on the patchbay it just stays wired as if nothing was pluged in there and the volume loop is just a jumper cable

The box with the 2 footswitches to the left of the ES-8 is switching banks

That's pretty much how the whole thing is wired, nothing too crazy, the best comes from the ES-8 because you can rearrange pedals and go crazy.

The whole thing is set up so that buttons 1, 2 and 3 are presets on bank 00, preset 1 is clean, just the compressor and the reverb, preset 2 is just distortion, just the 5150 nothing else, preset 3 is lead, boost > 5150 > delay > reverb, then buttons 4 thru 8 are instant access

4 is octave, 5 chorus, 6 phaser, 7 delay, 8 reverb, if i want delay during my clean i just press button 7.

The bank buttons link to other presets so for example, if im in preset 1 and i hit bank down then i go into preset 4 which has the Line 6 M5 in rotary speaker, bank up would take me to preset 8 which is my sweet lead, the intro for switch child o mine, using the M5 as a reverb to match that reverb on sweet child.

If im in RHYTHM and i press bank down im sent to preset 5 where the M5 is a flanger, if i press bank up it will send me to preset 6 which is the SL Drive on only along with the reverb

If im in LEAD bank down will send me to a rotary speaker lead sound, bank up sends me to the sweet child lead as well

If im in CLEAN and i press the preset 1 button again the SL Drive is turned on, if im in RHYTHM and i press button 2 again it will take me to preset 6 which is the SL Drive, if im in LEAD pressing button 3 again will send me to SWEET LEAD

I'm thinking about adding one more pedal, i really want a mid boost but the issue is the space, i've already used most of the room on the board os we will see.

Ok hopefully i can post some demos at some point, I hope this is helpfull in any way


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